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We are Cycle to blow your mind, Yoga to put it back together. 

At StudioPOP - we focus on three things: Movement, Music and Community - and we want YOU in the #poptribe!

We're a place to work hard and get results, but we're more than that: We're all about connecting with the person next to you on the bike or the mat.

All of our classes are a CYCLE+ format. This is our signature, full body-and-soul workout.

Every class at StudioPOP offers the intense, sweaty fun of rhythm-based cycle - PLUS yoga, strength or a core workout.

Our classes will create change in your body, for sure, but also in your mind and your heart as you start to feel the benefits of this balanced workout. 

Here's a roundup of our class types: 

CYCLE+STRENGTH: 45 minutes of our signature, calorie-torching, rhythm-based cycle with fun add-ons like tap-backs and pushups. We add a stengthening arm workout and a moving meditation to make it a true whole-body experience. 

CYCLE+YOGA: 30 minutes of our signature cycle followed by 30 minutes of vinyasa flow yoga to add strength and flexibility. You'll finish with a traditional yoga Savasana (Resting Pose) and you'll leave feeling sweaty but refreshed!

CYCLE+CORE: 30 minutes of our signature cycle followed by an intense 15 minutes of work on your core muscles (aka your Abs!) as always, you'll end with a traditional yoga resting pose to clear your mind and leave you feeling great.

CYCLE+SCULPT: 30 minutes of calorie-torching cycle followed by 30 minutes of YOGA SCULPT: A Yoga class that's amped-up, StudioPOP-style, with weights. One of our toughest and most popular classes! 

CYCLE+GENTLE YOGA: 30 minutes of calorie-torching cycle followed by 30 minutes of gentle Yoga, with easy resting poses and stretches designed to help you find ease and peace. 



Welcome to the #POPTRIBE! We can't wait to see you in class! 

PS: If you've never cycled or done yoga before, no worries! All our classes are for all levels - modifications are offered for advanced movements and our friendly staff will help you get your bike set up right. 

For yoga, we have mats you can use if you don't have your own.

For cycle, you can cycle in your regular workout shoes, or you can use cycle shoes if you have them. Our bikes take the shoes with the mountain-bike (SPD) clips.

We offer fresh towels, filtered water to fill your bottle, changing rooms, lockers and showers