Membership Drive 2018




You're the backbone of our community. You make the magic happen.

We know there's no marketing we can do that holds a candle to you sharing the #poptribe love with your friends!

So, we're giving you - our unlimited members - a FREE month when a friend you refer joins the #poptribe by March 15th.


You or your friend could WIN a pair of TIEM cycle shoes and a lululemon yoga mat, too!

PS: Have you SEEN these Tiem shoes? So.Cool.

Hell yeah!

Here are the deets:

1. Tell your friends! Bring them with you to a class for free, even if it's not their first time! (They can use code BE MY GUEST to claim their class)

Click here for an invitation page you can share with your friends. (Just click, then forward them the url!)

2. When one of them signs up for ANY of our Unlimited Memberships* by March 15th let us know at

...And we make your next month FREE. FREE! ZERO DOLLARS! And we enter YOU and YOUR FRIEND in the drawing!

3. The more, the merrier...each friend you get to sign up gets you an additional entry into the drawing**

4. The free month only applies to the first friend referral...but the chances to win the shoes and mat are totes unlimited! :)

Thank you, and we love you!

Abbie and the StudioPOP crew

Not yet a member? Buy any of our Unlimited Memberships before March 15th and be entered for the drawing! 

*Unlimited Memberships = "Bang for Your Buck", "Boss" and "In it to Win It"

**Drawing will be held March 16th, 2019