Hi from Abbie


Hi! My name is Abbie - I'm the founder of StudioPOP Indoor Cycling and Yoga.

This is me goofing around with my family in the studio. :)

When I started StudioPOP a few years ago, my goal was to create a premium CYCLE + YOGA studio where everyone feels welcome. EVERYONE! :)

I'm a lifelong group exercise fanatic; I love the magic that happens when people move and sweat together. When I'm not teaching classes at the studio, I'm taking them! Coaching someone to get a new high on their numbers in cycle class, or seeing them hit a yoga pose they never thought they could do really lights my fire!

In the #poptribe, we have three guiding principles:

1. We work out because we love our bodies, not because we hate them

2. We believe in fun, sweat, killer music and straight-up realness

3. We challenge and support each other with no judgement

In a nutshell, StudioPOP is CYCLE to blow your mind - YOGA to put it back together.

Can't wait to have you in the #poptribe! :)


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