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How does the #doubleup challenge work?

You have 20 days to take 20 classes. Our next Challenge starts on OCTOBER 12th!

  • 10 Cycle Classes
  • 10 Yoga Classes
  • 30/30 Classes count as Cycle or Yoga

You mark down each class you take on our #doubleup board in the studio, and when you get to 20 classes by the last day of the month, you get

  • Sexy cyclists legs
  • Awesome yoga shoulders
  • A clear mind
  • A strong heart
  • A very cool exclusive t-shirt!

Does it cost anything?
Nope. Just the classes. And when you finish all 20 classes, that exclusive t-shirt is YOURS free!

Do us a solid and use the hashtag #doubleup on Facebook and Instagram @studiopoptulsa to show off your hard work during the challenge!

Do the Express classes count?
Sure do! Every drop of sweat counts when you're working toward a goal!

I have to travel sometimes...can I make up the classes when I get back?
As long as you take 20 classes in the 20 day challenge period, you can spread them out as you wish. Need to make up for a day or two missed? Doubleup with a cycle class and a yoga class the same day!

Here's what some of our challengers have said about the challenge:

"Only halfway through the challenge and I'm so much stronger in both body, and mind. #DoubleUp to double your potential." -Adam Stokes

"The challenge is going awesome! It is a motivator for me and keeps me on track. I would like the next challenge to come soon! I have to say it is a lot of fun and I feel more connected if I know a group of people take on the challenge together. Love it! Thank you!" -Alyssa Bryson

"#doubleup (and StudioPOP in general) have motivated me to commit to taking care of my body again. While I'm mostly doing it for the bragging rights, it is so rewarding to also feel noticeably stronger and sharper each day. Only one week in and the pain is totally worth the gain. I can't wait to see 20+ X's on the board!" -Hillary Shelton

Email us (below) or sign up in the studio!

Email us at to sign up for the OCTOBER 2018 #doubleup challenge!